FINALLY! An iOS 7.x Jailbreak!

Finally after much waiting Evasi0n has released an iOS 7 Jailbreak. This jailbreak is compatible with any version of iOS 7. Cydia has also updated with a new refreshing iOS 7 theme. Although the jailbreak will only work If you restore and update your iPhone from your computer not from the the phone itself. After much waiting it is here! Although it being this late and so sudden and effective is almost suspicious. After all iOS 7 was practically half based off of cydia apps like NCSettings which  Apple’s “Control Center” strangely resembles. And it is slightly obvious that Apple has been learning what people want in their phones through jailbreaking. So maybe Apple intentionally released a bug in 7.0.4 that would let it be jailbroken. This is all speculation but still. Think about it for a minute. It sorta makes sense!Image


Personal Rig Update

SO for this post guys I will be giving you an update on my personal computer rig. By NO means is this rig perfect or finished so expect future updates to come. 

The main specs on my rig as follows:

CPU: AMD AthlonII X4 OC’ed to 3.6 ghz (semi stable and yes I know that this OC is rather dangerous for my system)

Cooler: Cooler MAster GeminII S524 (Boss 120mm cooler. My temps hover around 35c with the OC)

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (why the crap do motherboards have to have such long names? The dual bios has saved my butt on many occasions during over clocking.)

Ram: 7 gigs of Kingston 1333mhz ram. 

Storage: Wd Green 1tb

Graphics card: Asus Nvidia Geforce GT 210 1gb ddr3. stock speed. (saving up for GTX 660 or 760)

Power Supply: MSI 500 Watt.Image 

Case: HP 6610f case. (It was all i had… plan on upgrading to Bitfenix Prodigy M.)


Fun Found App: Element Story

Well I have decided to start a Fun Found App where I post a new app that I have found. For this week I have chosen an app called Element Story. This app, produced by Father and Son Applications, has brought a new life of sorts to the boring castle of the periodic table. Its refreshing look and feel brings a kind of simplicity i haven’t seen before in a lot of scientific apps.

The app can sort the elements periodically and alphabetically. When you tap on an element it shows a page displaying a picture and a short biopic and atomical info about the element.

This app is available in the iOS app store.



The first 3d printed metal gun. I don’t care.

Well Solid Concepts has printed the worlds first metal M1911 pistol. And I don’t give a rip. Personally I am tired of people blaming 3d printers as a way for people to kill other people. The first 3d printed gun, The Liberator, truly was an amazing achievement but the gun itself was not very good. The printer they used to print it with cost about a much as a nice car. If a criminal wants a gun, they have MUCH better ways to get ahold of one. Solid Concept’s gun was also printed on a many tens of thousands of dollars 3d metal printer. To me things other than guns need to make a world headlines in the 3d printing industry. The 3d printed gun has seemed to put a black cloud over 3d printers in general. When I tell people about 3d printing one of the first things they ask is “Have you printed the gun!” (For your information I have not.) This makes me sad. Not everyone with a 3d printer is going to go and print the gun, take it into an airport and shoot people. To me thats what media and general hype have placed over the rising 3d printing market. 3d printers are more useful that just printing guns. You can print iPhone cases, parts for other printers, 6 speed transmissions even. The common saying in the 3d printing world is “If you can dream it, you can print it!” Guns are included in this, but they do not need to be the highlight of 3d printing. The highlight of 3d printing for me is my imagination. And that’s what it should be for everyone else.